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NOBO Arts and Gifts



         NOBO ART & GIFTS - HOLIDAY 2016


This contract/application shall be between the artist/vendor _________________________and D’Jauna Miller (Art-A-Palooza) & Tawana Owens (Art 4). 


This contract/application shall be considered for NOBO ARTIST & GIFTS.  The event is scheduled for Saturday, Nov.19th (9am-8pm), Sun., Nov. 19th. (11pm-6pm). There will be “Early Bird” access to the event from 9am-11pm on Saturday. The Early Bird access is a fundraiser for the  Trek Foundation.   The location is 31 Miami Ave, Columbus, OH 43203-1859 (aka The Manner on Miami)


The following items shall be agreed upon by above mentioned artist/vendor.


1.            Artist/Vendor must provide ALL tables, chairs, coverings, stands & displays.  Note:  table(s) & chair (s) must have rubber feet on all legs to display on flooring

2.            All tables must be skirted.  This will allow for extras to be hidden out of sight of guest.

3.            Understand that this contract/application shall not be complete and/or spaces held until all fees are received. 

4.            Vendor may be denied ability to sell specific items that are not agreed upon in this contract

5.            Location will be available for set up on Friday, November 18th. from 3-8.  All vendors must be set up by 8am Saturday, November 19th. to be included in the weekend’s event.  Vendors can start coming in at 7:30am on Saturday to complete setup.  ABSOLUTELY NO SET UP AFTER 8 a.m. ON SATURDAY.  ALL SET UP SHOULD BE COMPLETED BY 8:30AM SATURDAY MORNING.

6.            Shall agree to assist in the advertising of event by using word-of-mouth, email, social media, distributing flyers/hot cards provided by AAP & ART 4

7.            Shall agree to provide a short bio (no more than one paragraph by email) no less than 20 days prior to event.  Not required if previously supplied

8.            Shall agree to provide a clear digital picture of artwork, items to be vended and display setup by email no less than 20 days prior to event.  PDF AND/OR JPEG

9.            Shall agree to provide one raffle gift.  Please provide business contact information with your gift.  (ex. Gift Cert. (any value), an item you are selling etc.)

10.         Must clean up after event.  AAP & ART 4 will not be held responsible for anything left behind

11.         Shall not hold D’Jauna Miller/AAP, Tawana Owens/ART 4 or its agents/helpers responsible for any loss, damage or theft of any artwork, vending product/supplies and/or money.  Reasonable care will be exercised by D’Jauna Miller/AAP, Tawana Owens/ART 4 and its agents/helpers.  Insurance is the responsibility of the individual artists/vendors.

12.         D’Jauna Miller/AAP, Tawana Owens/ART 4 will provide refreshments for vendors and patrons throughout the two day event.


By signing artist/vendor _________________________has read carefully and agrees to all terms and conditions mentioned above.


Artist/Vendor signature                               date


This agreement must be signed and mailed, emailed to:



                                             Salone’ Art

                                             Attn:  D’Jauna Miller

                                             78 N. Hamilton Road, Suite 3

                                             Gahanna, Ohio 43230


                                             Tawana Owens

                                             31 Miami Ave

 Columbus, OH 43203-1859








Please provide the following;



                              First                                                    Last

Business Name__________________________________________________




Email Address__________________________________________________

Item(s) to be vended____________________________________________


Vendor fee (before November 1st, 2015

$150 for 2nd or 3rd floor space 6' x6' 

$175.00 for 1st floor space 6' x 6 '

$ An additional $50.00 thereafter (no payments will be accepted after Nov. 16th, 2016)

On behalf of Art-A-Palooza and Art 4, we would like to thank you for your interest in NOBO ART & GIFTS HOLIDAY 2016.  We hope that this will be a fun and prosperous event for all participating.  If you have any questions or concerns please contact D’Jauna Miller @ 614-207-8066/ or Tawana Owens @ 614-290-6834




D’Jauna (DJ) Miller